Areas of Practice

Chico1111Public Entity and Municipal Law

Attorneys at the Peters Firm have investigated, negotiated, counseled and defended claims asserted against municipalities, professional organizations and individuals for decades. Our clients include…Read More

Public Utility Law

Attorneys at the Peters Firm have served public utility clients for decades. We currently litigate cases and negotiate agreements for public utilities in connection with a wide variety of matters including…Read More

Personal Injury and Property Damage

Peters, Habib, McKenna & Juhl-Rhodes, LLP is a full-service law firm that handles a vide variety of serious personal injury cases. We have extensive experience handling cases involving negligence, workplace injuries, product caused injuries (products liability), trip or slip and falls (premises liability), dog bites, molestation, intentional torts (battery, defamation) and other complex cases.  We represent plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of cases including…Read More

Real Property Cases

Peters, Habib, McKenna & Juhl-Rhodes, LLP provides comprehensive real estate litigation services to clients throughout California. We represent homeowners, commercial property owners, property managers, ranchers, farmers, developers, municipalities, public utility companies, and contractors in real estate litigation and disputes, including the following…Read More

Agricultural and Farm Law

The members of Peters, Habib, McKenna & Juhl-Rhodes, LLP have extensive experience working with farmers (rice, almond, walnut), ranchers, dairies, timberland owners and their associated industries.  Growing up and working in small towns and on farms our lawyers are involved in the industries we represent.  We understand the opportunities and challenges agribusiness and natural resources companies face. Read More

Fire Cases

Fires are caused by a variety of reasons and sometimes involve fires at homes, businesses, wildland fires, and forest fires.  Wildland and forest fires have the potential to cause serious personal injury, property damage, and even death to those in the paths of fire. With its mountainous terrain and heavy vegetation, Northern California is a prime area for wildfires. Sometimes, these fires are unavoidable, such as when they begin by lightning strikes. At other times, they are caused by carelessness which may lead to compensable damages, caused by…Read More

Insurance Law

Peters, Habib, McKenna & Juhl-Rhodes, LLP is a premier resource for individuals and businesses in California. Our attorneys have extensive experience navigating complex insurance law matters and frequently assist  carriers and policyholders…Read More

Insurance Coverage Litigation

Our attorneys have decades of experience representing  carriers and policyholders in all types of litigation, including insurance bad faith, construction defects, premises liability, motor vehicle accidents, breach of contract, product liability, fire losses, civil rights, wrongful death, and numerous others…Read More